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The Power of a Home

LaBrise is a tiny fishing village right on the ocean in Haiti that was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew nearly 3 years ago. GoServ Global has built more than 20 Sukup Safe T Homes® in this village. One mother of 6 proudly shows us her new home.

“Even though the floor isn’t yet finished, I am so happy to get this home,” she said.

Her home is sparsely furnished with a table, some bowls for cooking, a tiny mat on the floor, yet she has a sparkle in her eye.

Down the road, a mother of 6/grandmother of 15 has been living in her Sukup Safe T Home® for 4 months. When asked if she likes her new home, she breaks out in a huge smile.

“This home makes me so happy,” she says. “When it rains, we now stay dry.”

With each home that’s given, GoServ Global makes sure to share the reason why we do what we do.

“We feel the Lord has asked us to do this and we hope you see Christ’s love through this,” shares Ken DeYoungGoServ Global Co-Founder and Haiti Director. “It’s important to have a physical home, but it’s more important to have an eternal home.”

At LaBrise, GoServ Global has been helped build a church for the community in addition to the homes, and many have come to Christ.

According to Yvald, a Haitian who works with GoServ Global, more than 150 families are on the waiting list for a new home.

To give toward a Sukup Safe T Home®, click on and choose “Safe T Home® in the dropdown.

Sukup Manufacturing Co.



Ambassador Spotlight: Kevin & Sherri Kubly, Domestic

Nearly 20 years ago we had the privilege to host Terry Baxter and his family. Since then the Baxters have become like family to us. When Terry & Ken founded GoServ Global, we attended an introduction event and I remember sitting at the table all excited about the missions and using the Safe T Home® in other countries. I could see myself being involved in that part of the ministry.

On our way home, Kevin shared with me that he would like to be a part of the Domestic Disaster Relief ministry. I had been praying for years that Kevin and I would be able to serve God in a ministry together and if it was through the Domestic Disaster ministry, then count me in.

“We love helping those in desperate need and showing them the love of Christ through our help,” shares Sherri. “We feel so blessed being able to be the hands and feet of Christ.”

My Life 

Kevin & Sherri have 4 children. Kevin has been a self-employed general contractor for more than 25 years and Sherri gets to help him whenever possible.


Ambassador Spotlight: Joel & Kris Dekkers, Haiti

Joel and Kris Dekkers of Fairmont, MN have been friends with Ken and Jill DeYoung for years and after learning of their passion for Haiti, they decided to take a trip with them.

“It was a life changer for us!” shared Kris. “Seeing what little that they have in Haiti and the joy in their hearts because of what the Lord is doing for them through GoServ Global made us want to be involved with this organization. GoServ has been the hands and feet of Christ and has given those kids hope.”

Joel agrees and says the biggest impact serving with GoServ Global has been the opportunity to spend time with the orphans. “It’s an honor to be a part of their lives.”

Since 2014, Joel and Kris have led numerous mission trips to Haiti and their church, Bethel E-Free, is a great supporter of GoServ Global.




Ambassador Spotlight: Gene Petersen, Board Member

I have known Ken DeYoung for over 35 years. When he told my wife and I what he was doing in Haiti, we quickly agreed to support a girl at the Consolation Center. We count Taina as another grandchild. After taking on sponsorship I was invited to lunch with Ken and Terry Baxter. After listening to them tell me about the ministry for an hour, I assumed they were goingto ask me for a check. When Terry finally took a breath and I could interrupt, I asked them why I was at the meeting. Terry told me they wanted me to quit my job and become development director for the ministry. After praying with my wife, I decided that I would keep my job (as a territory manager for a Fortune 100 company) and use my “windshield” time to do as much as possible to help the ministry. Originally, I was development director until the job grew too large to handle part-time. After Mary Graham was hired, I continued to work with her in the development area. I am now transitioning into a new role. I have been asked to work on developing the structure for a foundation as a branch of the ministry. Then I will be involved in the foundation as we seek to involve large donors in the ministry.

How has your involvement with GoServ Global impacted or changed your life?The best answer to this question is to tell you my wife’s reaction when she went to Haiti and met the little girl we sponsor for the first time. After sitting with her for 10 minutes, my wife looked at me and said, “Now how am I supposed to leave this country?”There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about the ministry (mostly the kids). Knowing the horror they have experienced drives me to do what I can to make it better. God has taken the selfish nature I have and stamped the faces of boys and girls over it. And I thank God that He did.

My Life

Gene and his wife, Joanne, live in Cleghorn, Iowa. The couple has 4 children and 9 grandchildren.


Ambassador Spotlight: Daryle Hamlin, Board Member

Daryle & Dawn Hamlin have served on GoServ Global’s Board since its inception. Daryle also volunteers on GoServ Global’s Domestic team and has helped in Washington, Ill. and Panora, IA after the tornados and in Worthington, Minn. following the ice storm.

“It is a privilege to serve as we try to be ‘the hands and feet of Jesus’ as best as we can to the people who are affected by the disaster.”

My Life

The Hamlins live in Apple Valley, MN where they are longtime members of Apple Valley Baptist Church. Daryle & Dawn are both retired from jobs in the defense industry based on providing computers for ships and airplanes – Daryle is an Engineer and Dawn is a Computer Programmer.

The couple has two children – one is a full-time missionary in Central Asia.

Ambassador Spotlight: Jamie Davis, India

I really don’t know how to put into words what I am feeling … I have heard of the pregnant woman in Sudan being threatened with the death sentence if she doesn’t renounce Christ. As I say this I sit and drink my warm cup of coffee, put on my nice clothes, get in my car, take my kids to a nice safe school, go to my safe job, get a paycheck … have my every need met. I would be lying if I said I did not feel guilty.

It breaks my heart and convicts me that most of us sit inside and watch “American Idol” while those in India are threatened with prison, yet they still go out and share Christ. I do not know what’s wrong with me and the whole American church. But I am convicted to change.

God is doing a mighty work in my soul. I believe He is waking me up from the American dream I didn’t even know I was in. I am trying my best to obey and just do the next thing God tells me to do.

I hope that we will all continue to be like the early church to give and share and love in Jesus’ name wherever He has placed us, or calls us to go.




Ambassador Spotlight: Danna Larson, Haiti

I was first introduced to GoServ Global when my uncle Conwell started going to Haiti and I was able to go with him on his second trip there. God started stirring in me a love for Haiti and the people there, and I started praying about what my role was supposed to be in serving there. God started showing me that my role was tied to worship.

I started out as an orphan sponsor in 2012 and have loved supporting Kimlie in this way. I have made several trips to Haiti since then, and God started opening doors and connecting me more and more to worship in Haiti. In August of 2015, Pastor Rivenson Dige shared with me his vision of starting a recording studio in Haiti because they have no worship music recorded in their native language of Creole. I reached out to a producer friend of mine and in January of 2016 we packed as much recording equipment as we could fit into suitcases and hauled it to Haiti to check it out.

Long story short, God wrecked our hearts for Haiti and called us to start Matchlight Records so we could record worship music in places like Haiti where currently none exists.

Being involved with GoServ Global has really changed every part of my life. I went from working a corporate job to quitting my job at a church to starting Matchlight Records. Throughout this journey God has continued to show me that this life is not about me but all about Him and His glory. I’m blessed to be able to work alongside GoServ Global as this journey continues to unfold!



Ambassador Spotlight: Chuck Virgil, Domestic & Haiti

I enjoy meeting people working at a disaster site. There is a trust that can only come from God when, within a few days, we share our life stories – warts and all – and come away with a mutual respect.

Chuck and his wife, Shirley have also helped GoServ Global procure dental equipment for the Haiti Dental Clinic. “Through donations of local dentists and a local dealer, the Haiti Dental Clinic will have an office that will be as efficient as any here in the States,” says Chuck.

My Life

Chuck served in the Navy as a dental technician repairing equipment. After his discharge, Chuck & his wife continued selling and servicing dental equipment and now the couple lives on the family farm helping the family who rents their land. Chuck and Shirley live in Sutherland, IA. They have 2 sons & 5 grandchildren.


Ambassador Spotlight: Brad Burkhart, Peru & Guatemala

When Mark Lee spoke to our church board meeting about the possibility of partnering with him and GoServ Global, I knew God was calling us to be involved beyond prayer. We spoke several times after that meeting and in just a few short months, put together a team and raised all the necessary money to go to Peru.

Our experience with GoServ Global has radically changed my wife and me as individuals and as Cornerstone Church. Those team members who served in Peru with Mark have stepped out in faith and started several bible studies and discipleship groups. We are excited about what God has done in the hearts of our church in the area of missions and look forward to what He has in store for us as we pursue global missions involvement.

My Life

I am married to Val and am the Associate Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Boone, IA.




Ambassador Spotlight: Al Koenecke, Haiti

January 2012, I read an article highlighting the Safe T Home® and GoServ Global’s involvement in Haiti. It was intriguing to see how Iowa companies, Iowa ag people, the Governor’s office, and an Iowa-based charity were involved in this project, but it disturbed me that this cool thing was going on around me and I hadn’t known anything about it nor was I a part of it.

Going to Haiti has changed my thinking on everything I do: how I view my involvement in my local church, my giving, how I worship, my work, and my family. It’s become apparent to me that God wants to use my time, talents, and resources to glorify Him here at home and elsewhere, and to be intentional in instilling eternal values in my family and friends.


My Life

My wife Lori and I have farmed in the Burt area for more than 35 years.