As you recall, the Christmas Miracle push for Lifeline Ministries in Iquitos, Peru, was $30,000 to pay a tax and designate $15,000 to replace the leaking roof above the 3rd story of the building. The fundraising went well, but was running $6,000 short of the January 15th goal for the roof replacement.

With $9,000 in hand toward the roof replacement, they decided to buy materials, hire workers and tear off the old roof and put up on the new roof in a frantic effort to beat the rainy season. Let me share the rest of the story.

The old roof was not wasted. Enough good materials were salvaged to replace the roof on a widows house. It is now done as well. Leading up to the day to pay the workers, God miraculously provided $6,150 for a grand total of $30,150 for the Christmas miracle. God is so good!

Thank you to all who listened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and gave toward this project. However, Hannah told me there is now a flood on the project… not rain; but a flood of tears and gratitude for the provision and goodness of God!

Terry Baxter
Cofounder of GoServ Global