100% of the 200 Safe T Homes® – engineered by Sukup Manufacturing – withstood Hurricane Matthew in Haiti – with winds up to 145 mph! Only 10% of the traditional homes in the area remained after the hurricane.

“Because Haiti is a country of natural disasters, people have in their minds that their homes are temporary,” shared Eddy, GoServ Global’s Haiti Director. “But, the Safe T Home has changed the mindset of the people, so not only are they living in safe homes, they are also living with peace inside of them.”

Safe T Home Facts:
•Double roof reflects heat – it’s 10 degrees cooler inside the home
•Houses up to 10 people in a standard 18-foot unit that includes a loft
•Suitable dwelling after a disaster or as permanent housing
•Can be built in a few hours with simple hand tools

Safe T Home Costs:
1 Home = $5,700
Shipping & Concrete Floor for 1 Home = $1,300
Total = $7,000

To donate toward a Safe T Home, visit https://goservglobal.org/give/

 Safe T Homes stand strong after the hurricane compared to the traditional building at this orphanage 

GoServ Global’s Latest Project – using the Safe T Home as a birthing center