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Ways to Help Hurricane Matthew Relief

It’s been three weeks since Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti. More than 1,000 people are estimated to have died and 1.4 million need humanitarian aid. While GoServ Global’s orphans and staff are alive, and 100% of our Safe T Homes® withstood the 145 mph winds, the need is still great!

Your donations have already provided life-saving relief. Last week GoServ Global sent a shipping container filled with 800+ sheets of metal roofing, food, emergency supplies, and much, much more. In addition, 20 more Safe T Homes® were shipped to Haiti as well.

Can you do us a favor? Would you be willing to share our needs with your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, church, etc? 

Below we have a few tools for you to use via email, social media, etc.

Letter to Share

Safe T Home Flyer

Hurricane Matthew Relief Video

GoServ Global Give Graphic

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Orphans survive Hurricane Matthew

A GoServ Global team of 6 brothers built these 2 Safe T Homes this past February at this orphanage. We praise God the Safe T Homes withstood Hurricane Matthew and the children survived.

We are so thankful for everyone who has donated to Hurricane Matthew Relief. We are especially touched when children get involved, like 10-year-old Hannah who asked her parents if she could do chores to earn money to support GoServ Global’s orphanages! This precious child raised $75.91.

Please continue praying for Haiti and for our two teams who are serving there this week.



Haiti Relief Update

Urgent Prayer Requests:

Les Cayes has experienced heavy rains for the last 12 hours with more forecasted on the way. There is flooding! Pray for the rains to stop.

GoServ Global’s 3rd relief team since Hurricane Matthew is heading to Haiti today!

GoServ Global loaded a shipping container yesterday with steel roofing, food, generators, chain saws, hand tools, tarps, and much, much more! Thank you to everyone who’s supported the Hurricane Matthew Relief!


Our GoServ Global mission team has been hard at work building Safe T Homes at the Center of Help Orphanage. Here is part of a blog post from Tammy Davis, whose husband and son are serving on a GoServ Global mission team in Haiti:

I sense it in my farmer’s voice.
I read between the lines in his texts.
There’s so much devastation.

People are on the side of the road hollering for food.
Trucks are being stopped and raided to take the food.
There are road blocks.

A broken people, in a broken nation; hurting.
And even going seems like it’s not enough.
Why do the battered and broken keep receiving the blows?

What should our response be?

My farmer and farm boy are in the heart of Haiti where the eye of the storm passed through.
An angry storm that relentlessly bashed an already weary nation.

They are working hard to help.
To bring hope, light and relief.
We can’t fix everything in this world.
But we can make a difference.
One life at a time.

Jesus’ command when he left this earth was to GO make disciples of all nations.
Matthew 28:19
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them
in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
and teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you.

We need to go.
Whether it is in prayer; to go to our knees

– or physically go to be present- here in this nation or across the Oceans

-or to go by staying and giving out of our resources ; empowering others to Go.

We all have a responsibility.
It is all equally important.

Can you make a difference today?

Make the choice to go.
Go–Where you are needed.

Go– to your knees in prayer for those that are in need and how you can help.

G0– by giving of your resources.

Go– today.

If you would like to Go by staying, you can make donations to the Hurricane Matthew relief in Haiti by clicking


Team Builds Safe T Home at Haiti Orphanage

FROM THE FIELD: Mission Team

A team of 10 led by Dennis Anderson built a Safe T Home yesterday at the Center of Help Orphanage where several traditional buildings were badly damaged by Hurricane Matthew.

During the storm, children and staff from orphanage as well as community members huddled in the lone Safe T Home on the property. They survived.

The plan is to build 5 Safe T Homes on the property.

We are so grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve received already. Please continue to pray for Haiti – for our leaders and our children, for our mission teams (1 is heading to Haiti tomorrow), and for funding for Safe T Homes. Sukup has 24 homes ready to go; GoServ Global is raising funds to pay for them.

1 Safe T Home = $5,700

Ship 1 Safe T Home = $1,000

Cement in-country = $300

Altogether to get 1 Safe T Home from Sheffield, IA to Les Cayes, Haiti all set up = $7,000

(10 Safe T Homes fit on 1 Shipping Container)


From the Field: Hurricane Matthew, Focus on Agriculture

GoServ Global works with Les & Catherine DeRoos (Laborers With Christ), missionaries from Iowa who serve full-time in Haiti. In this video, Les, an agronomist, talks first-hand on what it was like to go through Hurricane Matthew and discusses the current needs in Haiti with a special focus on agriculture.

To support GoServ Global’s Hurricane Relief efforts in Haiti, click Give. 100% of your donation goes to Hurricane Relief.

ONE WEEK LATER: Before & After Hurricane Matthew, Haiti

One week ago so many of you joined our loved ones in Haiti to pray for a miracle … that they would be safe during the Category 4 Hurricane Matthew that hit Les Cayes, Haiti with 145 mph winds.

Each day throughout the week provided more miracles …

*that in fact all of our beloved orphans, widows, and staff were ALIVE!

*that all 200 Safe T Homes were standing strong with just minimal damage, while only about 10% of traditional homes remained

*that the Safe T Homes saved countless lives as community members crammed into the space to ride out the storm (we hear as many as 60 people in 1 home!)

*that many of our buildings lost their roofs, but weren’t a total loss

*that people around the US donated; food and supplies were purchased, and our first relief team was able to fly to Haiti in just a matter of days

Thank you for your support. Please continue to pray for our loved ones and our ministry as the road to rebuild will be a long one.

To help, visit

Center of Help Orphanage Hit Hard

We first began helping the Center of Help Orphanage in Les Cayes, Haiti back in 2013 when we learned they had lost their funding and were literally starving. Hear from GoServ Global Board Member Conwell Larson as he shares about that time, and see updated pictures of how Hurricane Matthew ravaged the orphanage.

Praise God all of the children and the staff survived, but their “traditional” homes are greatly damaged. For the time being we have moved all the children and staff to our other orphanages.

Please continue praying. Financial donations are the most effective way to help GoServ Global at this time as we are able to purchase food and water in country!


Haiti Relief Items Needed ASAP – Can you help?


Generators :
5 – 7000 watt
10 – 12,000 watt                                                                                                                                          2 – 110 volt wire welders that can use flux wire
2 chop saws
Lots of wire welder and blades for the chop saw                                                                     Shovels and rakes
Sledge hammers
Pic axes
5 gallon gas cans
2000 watt invertors/ generators
Tapcon screws hex head- sizes: 2 1/2“ all the way up to 4”
Step ladders
Dewalt 20 volt impacts and 20 volt batteries
Dewalt 20 volt 4 ½” grinders
Dewalt 4 ½” corded grinders
Cutting wheels and grinding wheels
Heavy duty extension cord – lots

Please call Dennis Anderson with any questions at (712)887-0862. We would like the items dropped off at Albert City, IA if possible, because the container is there. Spread the word!

Village of Hope Stands Strong





The Village of Hope is made up of 60 Safe T Homes and is in a rural part of Haiti on a wide-open piece of property as you can tell from the overview shot. The gazebos didn’t survive, but the Safe T Homes® are still standing strong.

We’ve been told that area community members crammed into these Safe T Homes as well – up to 60 people – and countless lives were saved!

To donate to the Hurricane Relief Fund, visit